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We, at Lou's Construction want to share with you some great safty products we have been installing.


The Earthquake Safe-T-Valve


Safety and Convenience

-   Shuts off the gas, whether you are home or not, automatically in the event of a major earthquake.
-   Helps prevent fires caused by earthquakes.
-   Protects your family, home and keepsakes.
-   No tools required to reset.  

Quick, easy, push-button gas shut-off is convenience and makes turning off the gas at the gas meter and tools a thing of the past. 

In most case's installed for about: $325.00


 webassets/waterheaterstrap.JPGThe waterheater strap

Strapping the water heater,

and having aflexible gas line,

will greatly reduce the risk of fire

and water damage



Water heater strap installed for about: $165



The Flood Safe Auto Shutoff Supply Line

The FloodSafe auto shutoff connectors protect against catastrophic water damage by automatically shutting off the water supply to plumbing fixtures/appliances if excess water flow is sensed.

Installed for about: $85.00 a fixture


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